Lake Mats

The LakeMat® is a carpet-like barrier, technically referred to as a benthic barrier, that is a highly effective and environmentally safe method of lake weed control. It is made of a weighted, proprietary fabric that rests on the lake bottom preventing any aquatic weed growth, yet allows water and oxygen to flow through freely. LakeMat® fabric is DEQ approved and guaranteed for five years against defects in materials and workmanship.



Width and Height

Square Feet.


LakeMat® Large

12.5 x 20 

 250 sf

Placing it in four locations per season creates about 1,050 square feet of weed free area. The 12.5 by 20 covers 1,000 square feet. 

LakeMat® Extra Large

12.5 x 30  

 375 sf

Placing it in four locations per season creates about 1,500 square feet of weed free area.



Does the LakeMat® really work?

Yes, it prevents aquatic weed growth 100%, naturally, easily and inexpensively. LakeMat® provides a weed free area exactly where you want leaving other areas natural and undisturbed.

Doesn’t LakeMat® trap gases like a tarp?

No, your LakeMat® material is porous, it allows gases to escape. For example, a square foot of tarp lets zero gallons of water pass per minute. Another (non-approved) product we found lets through just four gallons per minute. LakeMat® lets through 90 gallons of water per minute. Plus, LakeMat® isn’t slippery to walk on.

How can LakeMat® help with my soft lake bottom?

Aside from managing aquatic weeds, your LakeMat® also acts as a tension barrier. Think of it like a snowshoe over deep snow. By dispersing your weight, it holds you up. It may still feel a little soft, but you won’t sink in up to your knees. And, you won’t feel the muck and soft sediment on your feet. It feels something like walking on a felt carpet.

How do I move my LakeMat®?

Simply take one end and roll it over like you were turning down a bed sheet. There isn’t a top or bottom, so either side works. By rolling it over, the silt and sediment fall off of your LakeMat®.

Do I have to put in the plastic stakes?

I would. The thing about muck is, it releases a lot of gases in the summer and it moves around easily. The more tension you create over the top of it, the better off you are. Some people don’t use all the plastic stakes, but for best results, I’d use them all.

Aren’t aquatic plants necessary?

Absolutely! They provide habitat and protection for fish and waterfowl, they’re a food source, they recycle oxygen and carbon dioxide, they help prevent shoreline erosion and filter water particles. They become a problem when there is an overgrowth of aquatic weeds, especially on your beach front.



Aquatic Weed Control that's 100% Effective!

Aquatic Weed Control that's 100% Effective!


LakeMat® Creates an Immediate Weed-Free Area
With LakeMat® there’s no waiting for an aquatic herbicide, no raking, pulling, cutting or hauling away. Simply place your LakeMat® where you want it and have an instant weed free area with a firmer lake bottom to enjoy.

No Back-Breaking Work with LakeMat®
If you’ve ever spent time raking, pulling, cutting and hauling away aquatic weeds, you know how much back breaking work it can be. With LakeMat®, you simply place it in less than five minutes and you’re ready to enjoy your weed free beach area.

LakeMat® Removes Aquatic Weeds for the Entire Season
LakeMat® deprives aquatic weeds of sunlight, which is necessary for all plants to grow. With no sunlight reaching the branches, stems and roots systems for three weeks, (depending on when you place your LakeMat®) the entire plant system dies off.

LakeMat®  Creates a Firmer Bottom to Walk On
One thing no aquatic herbicide treatment or manual removal of aquatic weeds can do is firm up the mushy lake bottom. Your LakeMat® acts like a snowshoe on deep snow. It functions as a “tension barrier” allowing you to walk over the soft spots without sinking in to your knees

LakeMat® is 100% Effective
LakeMat® rids your beach of all aquatic weeds in a specific area that you chose. Aquatic herbicides often do an incomplete job and aquatic weeds often return. Raking, cutting and pulling not only leaves some weeds, the act of manually attempting to remove them actually creates more aquatic weeds.

Target the Area You Want
Unlike aquatic herbicides that can disperse and drift, LakeMat® controls only the area you wish to be weed free, leaving other areas untouched for fish and other water creatures.

No Chemicals
LakeMat® is not an aquatic herbicide. LakeMat® is a bottom screen that compresses aquatic weeds, depriving them of sunlight, needed for plant growth, killing the entire root system.

LakeMat®  is Easy to Install
LakeMat® is so easy, one person can install it in less than five minutes. Simply unroll your LakeMat® and place it where you want it.

LakeMat®  is Easy to Move
The material in LakeMat® is virtually weightless when pulled through the water. Simply roll it over (like turning down a bed sheet). Rolling the LakeMat® over allows any silt that accumulated to fall off.

LakeMat® is Green!
LakeMat® is the “greenest,” most environmentally friendly method of controlling aquatic weeds. Our material is the only one that's DEQ-approved.

LakeMat®  is Low Cost
For about the same cost as one application of aquatic herbicide, a LakeMat® will give you a beach area that is 100% weed free for many years.

LakeMat®  is Low Maintenance

You can leave it in the water over the winter, provided it’s in deep enough water so your LakeMat® remains below the ice.
You can take it out of the water over the winter. If you take it out, let it dry, roll it up and store it out of the sunlight.
Your LakeMat® is 100% Guaranteed
LakeMat® is 100% guaranteed for five full years against defects in materials and workmanship. No other product makes such a guarantee.